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A sweet melody reached Dean’s ears as he entered a large garden. As he looked around, flowers of all kinds surrounded him, save for a single path that led up a hill. He walked up the path and the top of the hill came into view. At the top, he saw a woman sitting on a large stone. She sat there with a lyre, her hair, a mix of darkish green and lighter green, flowed along with the melody. As he continued walking up the path, he could hear her humming to the melody. He reached the top of the hill and saw that the flowers around her were more radiant than the ones further down the hill. He stood there for a minute and the music began to fade. The woman set her lyre down and looked up at him. Her long, wavy hair moved in front of her eye and she pushed it back behind her shoulder. She smiled and asked, "So you got my message?"
"I doubt I would be here if I didn't. This place is very well hidden. Without a guide, I doubt that anyone would find this place easily." Dean replied. The woma
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Save me
Everlasting darkness. Light only makes it dissipate temporarily. It surrounds, then eats at one's soul. Leaving nothing but grief and destruction in it's wake, it holds back for a second from it's onslaught of pain. What way is there to fight it? You can't do it alone. I know from experience that it can work, but the darkness makes me feel quite alone some times.
Save me.
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My heart aches when she's away
My heart aches when she's away
Her presence keeps my darkness at bay
My words cannot express how much she means to me
All that I can do is sit, wait, and see
For when she is involved I can't speak quite clearly
And when speaking I talk like Jade, oh so cheerfully
Her presence gives meaning to my not-so-great life
As the darkness makes way for the blooming bright light
:icondreamchaserpegasus:DreamChaserPegasus 1 1
A Shadowy Man
A heart driven by anger
A soul driven by shadows
This man's hateful eye
leads another straight to the gallows
With words slicker than ice
A mind keener than thine
he leads all to temptation
which they find most divine
and though happy they be
with temptations fulfilled
the man's blood-thirsty eyes
their intentions refilled
with an icy cold stare
he looked into their eyes
the light in them flickered
as he saw through their lies
and with anger renewed
he stopped just to say
"You're all so pathetic"
Then he left on that day.
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A Lonely Heart
A lonely heart
Empty and broken
A soul searching
for a promise
a promise of love
a promise of friendship
a promise of acceptance
And yet it finds no solace
in the darkness it calls home
for their is no light to save it
not the faintest glow
But one day there it was
A light shining so bright
It took away all the darkness
that enshrouded each day
And now the lonely heart
found a reason to stay
for the light would now help it
take on every new day
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Last Friday was the commencement ceremony for graduation. Now I don't have to worry about high school anymore! :D In the next couple of days I'm going to post an excerpt from one of my stories for you all to read. 


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I am a fanfiction writer who loves MLP:FiM. I am proud to be a brony!
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or check out my facebook page. I don't use it for much except talking and announcing livestreams and such.


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